Comsearch Launches Suite Of Services For Microwave Backhaul

HICKORY, NC, February 15, 2010


As wireless operators upgrade their microwave backhaul networks to keep up with increasing demands for capacity, Comsearch, a CommScope company, has launched a new suite of support services aimed at reducing operators’ capital and operating expenditures and speeding network deployment.

Comsearch’s iQ·link® Services suite includes four offerings that provide network engineering analysis as well as software database and system maintenance to enable network planners to roll out high capacity backhaul networks quickly and efficiently. These services allow network planners to focus on their core expertise by off-loading other time-consuming tasks.

“The operator’s need for increased transport capacity has driven the demand for microwave backhaul to new levels,” said Chris Hardy, vice president and general manager, Comsearch. “The need for additional resources to meet this demand has also increased, and Comsearch has found that outsourcing many labor-intensive activities is proving very popular in the industry.”

Comsearch is uniquely qualified to support network planners around the globe. The company has been a leader in microwave network planning and design for over 30 years and created the iQ·link microwave planning software tool, which has been responsible for the design of over 250,000 links worldwide.

The iQ·link Services suite includes the following four options, offered on a 12-month or other fixed-term contract, which can be utilized individually or in combination:

  • Network Upgrade Analysis – Operators considering a capacity upgrade of their backhaul network can use this service to quickly determine the impact on spectrum requirements, equipment upgrades, and more.
  • Equipment and Network Audit – Wireless network designers can utilize this service to increase planning efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes related to the use of outdated or incorrect equipment specifications and network data. Following the audit, Comsearch engineers evaluate the impact on entire network interference, spectrum usage, and more.
  • Database Maintenance – All iQ·link users can now tap Comsearch engineers to manage tedious and time-consuming tasks such as importing radio and antenna data , verifying specifications with the manufacturers, checking network integrity, creating custom reports, managing bulk parameter changes, and more.
  • Server Maintenance – All iQ·link users can now completely off-load a variety of essential tasks in managing the computer hardware such as installing iQ·link upgrades, applying operating system and security patches, managing critical data backups, making hardware upgrades, and more.

iQ·link is a registered trademark of CommScope, Inc.

About CommScope:

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